Kasey L. Wright




  • Litigation – In-Court Experience.
    • Represented clients in dozens of jury trials.
    • Civil Bench Trials – Tried approximately 100 civil bench trials.
    • Criminal Bench Trials – Tried hundreds of criminal bench trials.
    • Argued hundreds of motions (e.g. temporary orders, orders to show cause, protective orders, motions for summary judgments, motions in limine, etc.).
    • Argued briefs before the Utah Supreme Court and Utah Court of Appeals.


  • Litigation – Out-of-Court Experience.
    • Mediation – Represented clients in hundreds of mediations.
    • Pleadings – Drafted incalculable pleadings (e.g. complaints, temporary order motions, order to show cause motions, summary judgment motions, motions to dismiss, Utah Court of Appeals briefs, Utah Supreme Court briefs, etc.).
    • Legal Counseling – Provided legal advice to clients in litigation matters.
    • Depositions – Conducted numerous depositions.


  • Municipal Civil
    • American Fork City Attorney from 2008 to 2018.
    • Nephi City Attorney from 2015 through the present.
    • Mona City Attorney from 2015 through the present.
    • Highland City Attorney from 2012 to 2015.
    • Provide legal advice on numerous issues to all of the above cities (e.g. employment, constitutional issues, zoning, open meetings, function of government branches, contracts, etc.).


  • JUAB SCHOOL DISTRICT Representation.
    • Juab School District Attorney from 2013 through the present.
    • Advise school district on a variety of school law issues (e.g. student rights, student discipline, FAPA, GRAMA, open meetings law, employment, etc.).


  • Corporate Representation
    • Represent numerous corporate clients
    • Provide contract advice and preparation.
    • Provide counsel and documents on corporate organization and operation.
    • Advise executive team on litigation and potential litigation matters.
    • Advise executive team on employment issues.
    • Represent client in litigation matters.
“Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do” – Potter Steward