"Bulldog Attorney"

Some clients will say to Mr. Wright “I need a bulldog attorney, are you a bulldog?” The response to that question depends on what is meant by a bulldog attorney. If bulldog attorney means someone who is going to act disrespectfully to opposing counsel and the court or if it means an attorney who is going to take unreasonable positions and not give clients an honest assessment of the case, then Mr. Wright is not a bulldog attorney.

However, if bulldog attorney means an attorney who is going to diligently work to understand the facts and law of your case and then zealously advocate your position, then Mr. Wright is a bulldog attorney.

Retainer Fee

Typically, for contested litigation matters, the initial retainer amount for Wright Law Firm, P.C., is thirty-five hundred dollars ($3,500). For uncontested matters, the retainer fee will depend on the case, but generally, it is between one thousand dollars ($1,000) and twenty-five hundred dollars ($2,500).

Retainer Process

A retainer is a sum of money the client deposits with Wright Law Firm, P.C. when it retains their legal services. The retainer money goes into the firm’s trust fund account where it sits until it is earned by Wright Law Firm, P.C. The money is earned by the law firm working on your case. For hourly cases, the time worked on your case is billed at an hourly rate. When time is billed to your case by Wright Law Firm, P.C., then the money is earned by the law firm and is transferred out of the trust account to Wright Law Firm, P.C. If the case ends before all of the money in the retainer has been billed to the case, then the remaining money in the retainer will be returned to the client. If the retainer is depleted and the case is ongoing, then Wright Law Firm, P.C. will require that the retainer will be replenished in an appropriate amount for the anticipated work remaining in the case. Retainer funds are also used to pay costs and expenses associated with a case. For flat fee cases, the retainer is earned as Wright Law Firm, P.C. does the tasks for which the flat fee is being charged.

Hourly Rate

Mr. Wright’s hourly rate is two hundred fifty dollars ($250).

Payment Plans

Unfortunately, Wright Law Firm, P.C. is not able to accept payment plans. We do accept all major credit cards.